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The Aquatics Department believes fish keeping is a unique and relaxing hobby that anyone regardless of age or experience, should be able to enjoy and excel. With a fresh, new perspective we took the idea of a cookie-cutter “fish room” and transformed it into something totally different- a type of underwater gallery complete with crystal clean displays, thriving livestock and dedicated personnel. No dimly lit, preformed walls of tanks here!

In our Aquatics Department animal husbandry and customer service is our number one priority- each and every one of our aquariums is a beautiful display, not just a holding tank. Our saltwater corals are fragged and raised in house, our salt and freshwater fish come from the best vendors in the industry and when you have a question one of our exclusive aquatics- only personnel is there to help. Our live coral frag tanks and displays truly set us apart – our selection and quality is top notch.

The Aquatics Department provides a wide variety of salt and freshwater fish, saltwater corals, live aquatic plants and the supplies you need all within the greater Metro Milwaukee Area, Mequon, Theinsville, Germantown, Saukville, Port Washington, Green Bay, Madison and everywhere in between!

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Click to view a directory of freshwater fish and plants.

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Click to view a directory of saltwater fish and corals.