I will definitely be back

Melisa, Mark and Connie,

I just wanted to write to tell you about my experience at your store October 19th.

I have a German Shorthair Pointer/Bluetick Coonhound mix 10 year old dog named Lenny.  When we first got him I took him to a place to get his nails trimmed and they used a rotary tool on him.  He did not like that.  After a couple of times I was told he was troublesome and they would have to charge me double.  I didn’t want him to be THAT dog that no one wanted to be around so I took to trimming his nails myself, as I did for our previous dog.

Well, I don’t particularly care for trimming the nails myself and would only do it every 2 months or so, and then only trim a little bit so I wouldn’t hit the quick (which I have done a couple times).  After 9 years I decided it was time to try again to have someone else do it.

We have come to the Feed Bag for his food for years and I knew you had a grooming area so I stopped in and asked if an appointment was needed and explained my situation.  I was told that there was no appointment needed for nail trimming so I went home and brought my dog right back. (Unfortunately I didn’t get names) but the gal who checked me in told me she would take care of him and I could just go pay.

I paid and went back to look in and saw him standing on the table with the one gal trimming his nails and another gal, who had been grooming a Shih Tzu was standing in front of Lenny and just petting his head so nicely!  I almost started crying because that was such a nice thing to see.  They were so kind to him!  I can’t begin to tell you what that meant to me.  I stayed out of site until they were done because I didn’t want Lenny to see me and get distracted.  They were able to cut his nails to about half the size they were, which was so awesome.  Those girls made my day!

I just wanted to let you know what a great experience that was and I will definitely be back.  And I have already told others about how wonderful you guys are.  Your store staff members have also always been very kind and friendly.

Thank you!

Jennifer Rice

You have the BEST prices I have EVER found

Hi, my name is Lindsay. I raise monarch butterflies every summer to help restore their numbers and assist the overall conservation of pollinators. Cleanliness is everything when you’re caring for delicate caterpillars, so I have always housed them in Kritter Keeper boxes.

The Feed Bag has been -invaluable- to me for those boxes. Before I found you, I could rarely find them in stock at other places, and the prices were always exorbitant. Don’t even ask me about making a special order. What a nightmare!

Ever since I started coming to The Feed Bag a few years ago, I’ve really been able to up my butterfly rearing game. You guys always have them in stock, and have made numerous special orders for me which have always come in so quickly! I get called as soon as the boxes arrive and they’re always waiting for me when I get there. And you have the BEST prices I have EVER found. When you’re buying these things in “bulk”, that matters a lot!

Anyway, with your help I’ve been able to raise and release over 500 monarch butterflies in just the last two seasons alone. I’ve already got 113 caterpillars boxed up and munching away this season, and will be in to the store later in the week for yet more boxes, which I know will arrive on time, in good condition, and the call I receive will, as ALWAYS, be so polite and helpful. I’ll attach a couple photos so you can see my “farm” in action. I just wanted everyone there to know what a pleasure it is working with you all and how grateful I am to be able to count on The Feed Bag for my supplies. Critter boxes may seem like a small thing, but there’s no way I could help the numbers of Monarchs I am helping without them. Thanks so much.

My dogs love you

Melissa, I can’t believe another year has past.  You are an amazing groomer and my dogs love you.  I appreciate everything you do for me and my dogs.  You have become a good friend to me.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

Nicole, Bill Summer, Ella, Buddy & Edi

Swim sessions in the therapy pool have benefited both of our dogs

GraceGrace, our 12 yr. old Shih Tzu, was diagnosed with arthritis in her rear and over time has prevented her from enjoying a leisurely walk or climbing a single stair. Connie, the store manager at the Feed Bag Pet Supply, thought that Grace might be a good candidate for pool therapy.We decided to book a ½ hr session with Cory, a swim coach. Grace was immediately comfortable with Cory and although she was unsure of what to do once in the pool, she connected with Cory and the two began a special relationship.

It took three sessions before Grace understood how to navigate the waters and it was in this session that she began to move her rear legs. We saw how much she enjoyed it that we decided to have Penny, our 2 year old Shih Tzu, join her!

We just finished our seventh swim and plan on making this a weekly event. We have seen how their swim sessions in the therapy pool have benefited both of our dogs. Grace is less stiff and more agile while Penny, our young dog, is able to expend energy. It is our hope that weekly swims will give them a better quality of life.

Thank you Feed Bag,

Dave & Brenda

Bayside, WI

Thank you so much for suggesting this

I was in about two weeks ago looking for a product to relieve my dog’s itchy ears. I had tried two other products from your store, but it didn’t relieve their symptoms. After speaking with you, you had suggested a new product that the store just started to carry. You also had asked me to report to you how the product performed. Well…..I would HIGHLY suggest that you recommend this to other people looking for a solution to dogs with irritated ears! It worked the very first time I used it. I still use it once a day when I notice either one of my dogs itching their ears or shaking their heads. While they may not enjoy the actual process of getting drops in the ears, they do enjoy the relief they get after the drops are put in. Thank you so much for suggesting this. It makes me feel much more at ease that I could help ease my dogs symptoms with this product…INSTANTLY!!!

P.S. I have attached a pic of the patients. Riley is on the left and Cinco is on the right. They thank you as well!

Sarah A. Johnson

Your donations helped many pets and their people

Dear Connie and Feed Bag Pet Supply,

Thank you for you many donations to the Family Sharing Food Pantry.

Over 300 families come to Family Sharing regularly and depend on us for basic groceries, school supplies, children’s winter jackets, and other personal and household necessities. Your Fairy Dogmother Project is a bonus and Godsend to many families with pets.

Your donations helped many pets and their people and your generosity is very much appreciated.

Best wishes for a joyous Christmas season.


Cindy Hilgendorf
Family Sharing of Ozaukee County, Inc.

I can honestly say that I love your staff!

First, and to me most important: your staff is incredible! When I was looking for advice on a new dog food that would benefit both of our older dog and our younger dog, your staff recommended Nutri Source being that it would be the easiest on the digestive system for the switch. That advice, along with my continued purchases of the food, has greatly helped our older dog. She is more active and her arthritis doesn’t seem to act up quite as much. Since that first piece of advice, we have become loyal Feed Bag fans!

I am always greeted when I come in (unless the staff is super, extremely busy) and I am always offered help getting my purchases to the car. I love that I don’t have to keep another card in my wallet to enjoy the Feed Bag. Buy 12 bags of dog food & get one free plus the occasional $5.00 off my purchase!

Your staff always looks us up on the computer and keeps track of all that for us. Really, again, I can honestly say that I love your staff!

Your product selection is good. My husband stops to look at the fish when we come in the store. I am seriously considering swim therapy and grooming for my dogs. I feel so comfortable in your store. I have never felt rushed or like I’m an imposition to someone. I feel like I “belong” at Feed Bag. I’ll say it again – we have become loyal Feed Bag fans! Thank you for all that you do!!!


Peggy Olds & family

Love to swim at The Feed Bag!

My Corgi, Lambeau, loves to swim at The Feed Bag!

Amy M.

Can’t Resist a Swim!

Luke, at 9 weeks, just came to watch his big sister swim, but couldn’t resist himself!


Thank You to The Feed Bag for helping me find a lifelong friend

Here are some pictures of me and my sister Charlee. It was so exciting to see her. Thanks to Miss Connie at the Feed Bag I was able to find her.

I was in the Feed Bag with my mom one day (probably getting cat food!) when Miss Connie said that she had a customer that comes in with a dog that looks just like me. My mom and Miss Connie talked about how Charlee and I both came up from Kentucky to the Ozaukee Humane Society in June of last year. My mom said that Miss Connie should give Charlee’s person our phone number the next time she came in.

Bunny-and-CharleeWhen my mom and Charlee’s mom talked, they were pretty sure we must be sisters because we both do the same things like digging up the back yard. We finally got together for a play date and my mom and Charlee’s mom, Miss Patti, said it definitely seemed like we knew each other. We had a great time thanks to Miss Connie!

A big Thank You to The Feed Bag for helping me find a lifelong friend and sleep-over buddy!

Bunny Spiering, Cedarburg

People at the dog park recommended The Feed Bag

Hi. I just want to let you know that several people at the dog park recommended The Feed Bag as I told them of my doggie’s torn ligament. I proceeded to your store and inquired about your services. I immediately signed Bucky up for swimming sessions (hydro-therapy) in your pool. Our family could not believe how much it helped him, even just after the first session.Bucky and Zoe have bonded and he shows great appreciation for the relief he must be getting from swimming since he is not able to go for his long walks.

Thank you and thanks to Zoe for her gentleness in handling Bucky.

While considering a change in his diet (he is overweight), I received a wonderful recommendation that is working out very well.

Mori Garcia and Bucky

Thank you for your donations of pet food to the Family Sharing

Dear Mr. Haslam,

I wanted to thank you for your donations of pet food to the Family Sharing food pantry. My finances are very tight at this time and this really helps me out.

My dog Chloe loves the food, she says thanks! I couldn’t imagine having to give up my dog because I can’t afford to keep her. Every little bit helps.

Thanks again,


Oreo says thank you

oreoI’m attaching a picture of my dog. His name is Oreo and he is 7 years old. We used to play ball up and down the stairs but about 8 months ago I thought we would of had to put him down.He hurt a disc in his spine but with some pills it has helped him. He can stand up now but I still have to pick him up to let him go outside. He can’t run and still doesn’t have full use of his one leg. I have him on some aspirin and hip and joint vitamin and that seems to help him. The pills are a little expensive so it really helps with getting the dog food from Family Sharing that you donate to them.

I was unemployed for about 3 years and trying to get a handle on my bills. I took the first job that was offered to me but it doesn’t pay a lot with being a single mom with two kids but at least its something. Hopefully one day I can get back to what I used to make and then I could do for somebody like what you are doing for so many people.

Again a big thank-you.

Oh ya, Oreo says thank-you too.

So grateful for the services you provide

Lily_smHi Mark,

I wanted to forward you pics of Lily swimming yesterday. I am so grateful for the services you provide and the wonderful, helpful staff. Lily is always excited to come see everyone and give kisses.

Thank you, Leann

We sincerely appreciate the difference swimming has made!

Tucker2_smOur 7-year old yellow lab, Tucker, was suffering from arthritis in his shoulders when our vet, Dr. Frank Schober, recommended swimming. Jim was disappointed to give up daily 4-mile walks with Tucker, but his noticeable limp told us he was suffering.We were delighted when the Feed Bag opened! We signed Tucker up for fitness swimming twice a week when the pool opened and were impressed with Mark’s patience and gentleness in helping Tucker get comfortable with swimming.

Tucker1_smAt his heaviest, Tucker weighed 109 pounds. Dietary changes supervised by our vet helped, but swimming made a huge difference in both weight (now 82 pounds) and mobility. Tucker no longer limps. He wags his tail when we say “swimming!” and loves the attention he gets at The Feed Bag! We sincerely appreciate the difference swimming has made!

Mary & Jim LaCharite & Tucker

I’m very grateful for helping to give Stan a new lease on life

Stanley1Stanley, my 15 1/2 year old Beagle-Bassett mix, began having serious hind leg weakness this past May. He was having a great deal of difficulty walking and had lost all interest in life, including his food. I was tearfully telling Connie the situation and she said “Don’t give up on him yet.” and suggested I bring him for an exercise swim in the Feed Bag pool.

I made an appointment, but didn’t have high hopes as Stanley hates water except in his drinking bowl. To my amazement, he Stanley2enjoyed his first session so much he even jumped back in on his own after his shower! I bought him a 5-swim package and it truly has helped his legs…and his self-image! He prances down the ramp after each session, and you can tell he’s saying “Look what I just did!”

I’m very grateful to Connie, Mark and Kelly for helping to give Stan a new lease on life. It’s certainly a gift worth offering to an aging dog.

Mary Lou Harris

Thanks again for taking the time out of your summer to teach our kids

Police_Dept_letterVillage of Thiensville Police Department
August 8, 2010

Dear Mark,

I just wanted to send a short note thanking you and “Rosie” for the wonderful presentation you did at the Mequon/Thiensville Safety Town program. I was amazed at how calm and controlled Rosie was around all the children, especially in a new environment.

At the beginning of class, several of the parents told me their children were afraid of dogs and any animals. None of the children in either session were upset and all loved the presentation and most of all Rosie. Several of the parents’ comments in the course evaluation stated they didn’t know how to approach a dog or care for a dog. They also stated their Safety Town kids told them what they learned and educated the parents.

Thanks again to you and Rosie taking the time out of your summer to teach our kids. I also wanted to thank you for your financial support donating money to the Safety Town program.


Officer Scott Nicholson
Thiensville Police

We are very fortunate to have you

Dear Mark,
This is just a quick thanks for an awesome level 2 training class. As a fellow dog trainer, I can honestly say that your classes are the best in the entire Milwaukee area. We are very fortunate to have you. You tailor your program so that each and every dog receives individual attention and you set them all up to succeed, yet challenge them, at the same time. Watching the dogs progress from week one to the last class really is a testament to how great your training program is. And all done using only positive reinforcement! I’ve seen a lot of training classes in the area, and none are as well organized and fun as yours, either. So once again, thank you, I can’t wait to hopefully, join your level 3 classes!

Sue Loucks and Riley

Thanks for all the great food

Who Loves You, Baby?

Who Loves You, Baby?

Hi Mark & Staff,

Thanks for all the great food you provide to fellas like me. As you can see from the picture, your food is keeping me really buff.

Reggie the Pug

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