Rewards Program and Frequent Buyers

The Feed Bag Rewards Program

dog-food-shelvesIf you really want to be ahead of the game, join our rewards program. We can easily look up your receipts when you can’t remember what products you buy or when you need to send a friend in to pick something up for you. We do not send innocent husbands home with the wrong size or flavor. There is no cost or obligation in our rewards program.

We also have your receipts handy for returns and exchanges. Isn’t it a hassle saving receipts you will most likely never need?

With our program you will save $5 for every $250 you spend. It is tracked automatically in the computer system, so you do not have to carry a card for us to swipe. All you need to do is remember your name. Because our computer system is designed to allow for returns, your $5 reward is available 5 days after it is earned.

Also important is that when we have your contact info, especially your e-mail address, it will be easy for us to let you know if there has been a recall or a problem with any of the products you have purchased. We send out e-mails approximately once a month to let you know about special events, pet care tips and a fun newsletter. Your contact information is safe with us; we would never sell it or share it.

cat-food-shelvesFrequent Buyer Programs

Many of the dog and cat foods we carry have frequent buyer programs. You purchase 8, 10 or 12 bags (depending on the brand) and you get one bag free.

We keep your receipts or UPCs on file for you, and we will let you know when you have a free bag coming. These programs are designed to encourage loyalty to one retailer. For that reason, you must buy the bags from us to get the free bag. We can only accept receipts or UPCs from another store if you have recently relocated to this area.