Aquatics Staff

Kaitlyn Soehrmann – Aquatics Manager

Kaitlyn picKaitlyn while assisting customers constantly keeps an eye on the various freshwater and saltwater systems; ensuring each and every critter or coral is well maintained.

Kaitlyn is currently enrolled at UWM and finds time in between her studies to take care of her various reptiles while squeezing in a reptile show here and there.

Megan Sprink – Aquatics Associate

Megan grew up in Eagle, WI.  Megan is quite knowledgeable in Freshwater fish and Reptiles, although she does enjoy learning more every day about Saltwater fish & Corals.

When Megan is not at work she enjoys caring for her menagerie consisting of Rascal, her mini Schnauzer, Zena the cat, Elwood, Jake & Higgins, all tree frogs, a bearded dragon names Gizmo and three Freshwater fish tanks.