Aquatics Staff

Tom Struebing – Aquatics Manager

Tom picAA passion for all things aquatic turned into a 20 year career for our Aquatics Manager Tom Struebing.  Tom started keeping freshwater aquariums anywhere his parents would let him, eventually breeding and selling varieties of freshwater African Cichlids to local stores.  Tom has worked for both retail and on-line aquatic stores managing livetock and writing fish keeping articles.  He spends his days fragging and caring for corals, examining specimens under his microscope, plumbing  new systems and everything in between.  Tom enjoys camping and spending time with his wife, son and loving dog Dozer.


Nicole Struebing – Assistant Aquatics Manager

Nicole picB

Nicole Struebing, our Assistant Aquatics Manager didn’t choose fish keeping…it chose her.  She has literally been raised in the industry….working in aquariums stores at a very young age.

Her interests lie in all things fish, but particularily enjoys live planted aquariums and high end coral reef displays.  Nicole is always learning about the newest products and trends in the industry.

Nicole is responsible for ordering new live stock and products, special orders for customers and caring for our live stock with her vast husbandry skills.  Nicole enjoys spending time with her familiy and is expecting a little girl in March.

Combined Tom and Nicole have over 30 years in the Aquatic Industry making them a dynamic fish duo.  Tom and Nicole and their team are here to help our customers anyway they can.


Kaitlyn Soehrmann – Aquatics Associate

Kaitlyn picKaitlyn while assisting customers constantly keeps an eye on the various freshwater and saltwater systems; ensuring each and every critter or coral is well maintained.

Kaitlyn is currently enrolled at UWM and finds time in between her studies to take care of her various reptiles while squeezing in a reptile show here and there.


Megan Sprink – Aquatics Associate

Megan PicMegan just joined our Aquatics staff and will be learning all the ins & outs just like our customers do when they are first-time hobbyists…Megan has been with The Feed Bag for a little over a year.  She started in receiving, while acquiring the skills to swim the dogs in our fitness swimming pool.  Megan grew up on a hobby farm, surrounded by animals.  Her love for animals continues today; especially dogs, reptiles and fish.  Sounds like a perfect fit!  Megan enjoys working with her frogs and bearded dragon which will be a bonus as she enters the Aquatic world.  She also likes to sew, draw and swim.