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Keeping your Feathered Friends Stimulated

bird_toysWhen owning a pet bird whether it be small or large you will want to encourage independent play. Independent play is a very important part of your bird’s life.

Birds in the wild get the chance to explore on their own. They are always finding new, interesting things that keep them amused. These can be such things as, chasing a companion around, to just sitting on a perch and pulling leaves off a branch. To us, these may be minimal items that entertain a bird, but they are natural ways of stimulation.

When looking at getting a pet bird you have to keep in mind all the small details that might keep them stimulated in the wild. Remember keeping them stimulated is a very important key part of their life. What you need to look for are things that a bird may have in a natural environment; fun, different, and vibrant objects.

For small birds they like natural branches that can be used as a perch. These branches can go any which way, just like tree branches. Looking at toys, you want things that they can chew, pull apart, and even shred. You can have natural or vibrant colored items, and hang them all throughout their habitat.

With larger birds you may look for very similar things as you would for the small birds, just be sure these items are on a larger scale. When looking at perches, large breed birds enjoy more horizontal ones. With toys, have them spread throughout their habitat. Have the toys in different sizes. You may also want ones that can move in different ways and possibly make different noises.

If a bird does not get proper ways to play they may start to develop behavior issues, “bad habits”. Some of these habits can be very harmful to their health. Birds may crave for attention from their handler and when not received they can start to strike out at them. This will make it very hard to have interaction with them. Others could start plucking out their feathers, causing them to become bald. These are just a few things that may happen, but can also be signs of stressed birds.

Just remember when getting a feathered friend, they will need that social interaction that we all crave for, and fun stimulating toys. Remember, they can be very pretty to look at but they are a member of your FAMILY.

New and exciting products come in on a regular basis. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call or stop in!

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