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Welcome To Everything Aquatic


In The Feed Bag Pet Supply Aquatics Department we have just one goal and that is to help YOU succeed.

If your tank is healthy, lively, aesthetically pleasing to you and everyone gets along well as tank-mates should, then we are happy. You are happy, even your fish and moss balls are happy. The most precious thing we can give you is the benefit of all our combined knowledge, and that is still free.

Whether it is the very first goldfish that you won at the fair or a show quality reef & coral extravaganza, we want to empower you with the knowledge of what you have (or want), and what you will need to do take care of it.


While our store is fully stocked, our website is under some construction so that we can offer you the opportunity the purchase livestock via e-commerce. Thanks for your patience!

We commonly stock all the items that you will need for successful fishkeeping. That includes, but certainly is not limited to:

  • Aquariums, tanks & bowls of all sizes
  • Aquarium maintenance equipment
  • Food for all types of fish & corals
  • Outdoor pond products
  • Water quality tests and medications
  • Fish Health supplements and medications
  • Aquarium & Tank Décor
  • Bling – some of the fancy hi-tech things you don’t need but really want


Currently our Aquatic live sales compose of Fresh Water Fish, Salt Water Fish, Pond fish, Saltwater Corals, live plants and Inverts. Of course, we always keep ‘the basics’ in stock, but we also look for some of the more dramatic, unusual and gorgeous livestock for those who like some great variety in their tanks.

We carry a few small reptiles (and their supplies) as well; such as crested geckos, fire-bellied toads, tadpoles (in season) and chameleons. We can special order different types of reptiles and small animals as well.


We offer water testing at no charge for a basic check of water quality, or more detailed tests for specific issues at a small service fee.

We also offer tank setup in your home or business as well as maintenance and/or troubleshooting. Please see an Aquatics Manager for details and pricing.


Livestock Guarantee

We are happy to work with you in the event that a live fish either dies or does not do well in your tank for up to 72 hours after purchase.
If a fish dies* within 3 days of purchase we need to have you complete a couple of easy steps, mainly so we can determine what went wrong and help you succeed in the future.

  • Please bring in the fish either in a zip-lock baggie or other container with a little bit of water.
  • In a separate baggie or container bring in a water sample, a few ounces is enough.
  • Koi are not eligible for returns due to the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

*Saltwater fish credits will be determined on a case by case basis. The Aquatics Manager will make the determinations.

Feeder Items

We have regular and large size feeder goldfish, feeder guppies, ghost shrimp, live black worms, crickets, mealworms, super worms and wax worms. We do carry brine shrimp when available, but some items are seasonal. We also have frozen feeder mice and rats in most sizes.

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