How We Can Help


We are more than happy to help you find the best food or treats for your pet. But we do not want you to use these products ‘just because we said so’. We want to actually educate you about the different products so that you, as a fully informed parent can make the best decisions for your loved one based on knowledge. Trying to make decisions by reading the fronts of the bags is overwhelming and useless.

Manufacturers hire the best marketing firms to design that package just to make YOU pick it up and believe you’re doing the best for your pet. Where they cannot fudge the truth is in the ingredients list. That’s where we will help you decode what’s in the bag, and help you separate facts from myths and clever advertising.

Our Staff

Our staff is here to help you have a pleasant and successful shopping experience. Each person on our team has had different experiences in the pet industry, which gives our customers the benefit of many years of combined knowledge. We work together to give you the best possible advice for your pets. We will often seek out the most knowledgeable person on hand to answer your particular question. Our staff will also be happy to help you get your packages out to your car.