Wild Birds

Your feathered friends will thank you for shopping at The Feed Bag.
We feature quality and durability in our birdfeeders & supplies, and FRESHNESS in our birdseed and suet.


Birdseed Blends &
Straight Seeds

Beetlemania – Dried Beetle Larvae, Yummy
Black Oil Sunflower
Cardinal Mix – Heavy on Black Oil
Corn – Cob, Shelled, & Cracked
Fruit & Berry – A Wild Delight
High Energy Supreme – A high quality mix enhanced with suet for added energy during the coldest months
Original Mix – Economical
Patio Blend/Waste Free – No Sprout
Striped Sunflower
Suet – Many Flavors & Varieties
Sunflower Meats
Supreme Mix – Best Seller
Tropical Treat – A variety of seeds, nuts and fruit
Wildlife Mix


We carry the most popular birdfeeders available, based on beauty, function and durability, along with many unique Feeders that you won’t see anywhere else!

New and exciting products come in on a regular basis. If you don’t see what you are looking for, please call or stop in!