Grooming Information

grooming-so-happySafety and your pet’s comfort is our number one priority. We’ve worked hard to implement and enforce clear safety policies. We are an open door salon, which means you are welcome to tour our salon and we welcome any questions including those regarding our operations and procedures.

Your pet’s comfort, both physical and mental, is key to a successful grooming session. If your pet perceives any part of the grooming process as stressful, our staff will work with him or her to make the situation less stressful. This could mean using different types of equipment that may be more tolerable, using positive reinforcement techniques to “teach” your pet how to cooperate for a grooming, taking extra time to make the pet feel more confident and secure with the groomer and/or offering expedited services for pets that should not be confined to a kennel or are particularly stressed being at the salon. Your professional groomer and/or bather will work to get to know your pet and follow the same routine each time your pet comes into our salon so that he or she will learn to know what to expect each time so a trip to the salon is not so intimidating or scary!

grooming-poodleWhat affects pricing?

Contrary to popular belief, dog grooming is not entirely priced according to the dog’s size. What matters most is coat type, what condition the coat is in, and the amount of time a groomer spends working on your dog.  A Shih Tzu that is brushed daily and groomed every 6-8 weeks is a much easier and less time-consuming grooming job than the Shih Tzu that is heavily matted and comes in for a once-a-year groom and shave down. The once-a-year Shih Tzu is probably not very familiar with being groomed, and may struggle and fight the process, requiring a second pair of hands on the dog for his own safety.

The 2 year old Golden Retriever who gets a professional bath, blow dry and a bit of trimming to get tidied-up every three months is much easier and faster to groom than the 9 Year old Golden who is never brushed, swims in the lake all summer and tries every year to befriend a skunk. His coat is so matted and tangled that the skunk shampoo cannot even penetrate the mats. He’ll need to be shaved behind his ears, thighs and armpits, and the rest of his body brushed for a long, long time to combat the shedding. And he struggles thru it all, because this is all new to him.

There are different situations that may increase the base price of your grooming charge. These situations include the type of coat, condition the coat is in, the temperament of your pet, and the desired cut. We also offer a variety of add-on services that could increase the price of your groom. Anything that may increase the charge of your groom can be discussed between client and groomer at the time of drop off. We always do our best to give you an honest estimate of the grooming prices, but occasionally we will find something during the bath or brushing that needs to be dealt with immediately, such as ticks or fleas. Of course we save the souvenirs for you!


Salon Hours

Making a special trip?  We recommend you call ahead to ensure availability of our Grooming Services.

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