Dog-Chewing-on-a-BoneDogs enjoy chewing for lots of reasons. Not only is it fun, but chewing something tasty helps to satisfy the dog who is always, always hungry. Chewing also is one of the few activities available when lonely or bored.

It’s important that you choose some appropriate chews for your dog, or he will choose from your belongings. He will not choose wisely, which is not only aggravating, but also dangerous.

The ideal chew is appealing, long-lasting and easily digestible. You will want to observe your dog’s chewing style to know if he is an aggressive chewer who might bite off big chunks, or a relaxed chewer who will just gradually wear down the chew. You definitely want to replace any chew that becomes small enough to accidentally swallow.

Read here about one of our favorite chews!  Raw Bones not only make a dog happy but they clean teeth and are very affordable!

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