Our Philosophies

How We Choose Our Products

When determining which products to carry, we consider the following criteria:  Is the product safe?  Is the product durable enough to justify the cost?  Would our own pets like it, play with it, or destroy it instantly?  If it is a food or treat, would we feed it to our own pets?

Basically, if we wouldn’t be comfortable with our pets using a product of any kind, we will not carry it in the store.  That includes foods and treats, toys, training tools, etc.  For example will not carry shock collars, because in the wrong hands a shock collar introduces pain, fear and distrust.  We believe very strongly that positive reinforcement is a much more effective training tool.

How We Choose Our Food

We look for the most species appropriate diets for dogs and cats that we can find.

Whether it is kibble, canned or raw/frozen, we look for meat sources as the first few ingredients, ideally 2-3 meat sources will be listed first. We do not like to see corn, wheat, soy, sugar and salt in pet foods. While we do not carry kibble or canned foods with mysterious by-products, we do find that specifically named by-products, such as liver or other organ meats are beneficial in raw/frozen diets.

We require all ingredients to be specifically named as to which animal (or part of the animal) the product comes from. Terms like poultry fat, meat meal or animal protein are not acceptable for us. When they are not specifically named there will not be consistency in the final product.

We require our foods and treats to be free of artificial preservatives, and artificial colors and dyes. It is our #1 goal to be your source for the most healthy, natural and holistic dog and cat foods and treats available.

We also look at the manufacturers of products, and their integrity and reliability. We absolutely love the family-owned companies we do business with, especially the many Wisconsin companies who make a lot of the products we carry.

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My dogs love you

Melissa, I can’t believe another year has past.  You are an amazing groomer and my dogs love you.  I appreciate everything you do for me and my dogs.  You have become a good friend to me.  I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Nicole, Bill Summer, Ella, Buddy & Edi

How We Price Our Products

Our goal is to offer you good quality products at a fair price. We price our products according to Manufacturers Suggested Pricing whenever possible. It is not our intent to be either the lowest or the highest in price.

Again, good quality=fair price. We will not participate in price wars with other stores. We price our products in a way that allows us to provide you with a clean, comfortable shopping atmosphere, with knowledgeable and friendly staff in a convenient location.

Live Animal Sales

The live animals that we sell are freshwater and saltwater fish, corals, Koi and a few small reptiles.

Because we feel very strongly that no animals should ever be an impulse purchase, we do not sell small animals, cats or dogs, although we carry everything you need for them.

We have strong ties with local dog and cat rescue groups (see our Links page). Those rescue groups join us at the store on Saturdays and Sundays with their adoptable pets for you to meet. Each rescue has their own adoption policies and fees. Most of these rescues are in foster homes, and it is ideal for adopters to meet the foster parents to get a true picture of that pet’s home life.

House Rules

Kitten-Head-TiltIt’s really all about respect.

No alcohol or tobacco products (smoke, chew or e-cigarettes) are allowed in the store.

All dogs in the store must remain under control and be on no longer than a 6 foot leash.  Pet owners must accept responsibility for any damage caused by leg-lifting or marking.

The use of profanity or any discriminatory or harassing remarks toward other customers or staff is forbidden. You will be asked to leave if need be.

Shoplifting is a crime and we will fully prosecute.

Any damage to our store or products done by pets or children will require you to reimburse repairs or purchase the damaged item.

Please do not drive thru our front windows. It will not speed up service.