Aging & Injuries

In addition to our Doggie Fitness Pool, we have many products that can aid your pet’s mobility and access to cars, beds and furniture.

The Help Em Up Harness and the GingerLead are both veterinary recommended harnesses for helping to support the dog’s body weight to increase their mobility.  Comfortable padded slings and harnesses allow you to assist lifting weight off your dog’s front end, back end or both.

We also have a variety of car ramps and steps.  Our ramps are lightweight yet are rated for up to 200lbs.  In steps we have both lightweight for smaller dogs and gorgeous hand-crafted wood/carpeted steps that can easily hold 200lbs and can compliment the furnishings of almost any bedroom or family room.

Paw Friction is a very unique product that allows you (or our groomers) to apply a special coating directly on to a dog’s foot pads creating friction for easier walking on hard, slippery floors.  The product is non-toxic, wears away naturally and does not restrict the foot and ankle movements like many boots do.


The original Comfy Cone is a soft, cone-shaped e-collar that helps your pets heal and recover from surgeries, procedures, allergy flare-ups and hot spots in comfort. A great alternative to rigid plastic cones, it prevents your dog or cat from reaching the wounded, sensitive or irritated area while still allowing them to walk, eat, sleep and play comfortably. And best of all, it’s vet tested and approved!