DCM from the perspective of one pet store owner

I have decided to give my thoughts on the subject of Dog Food Diets and DCM Illness given the fact that many of my customers have asked for my thoughts; I will warn you, my thoughts always seem to run a little long, so this prospectus is a little long, but I promise...

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Dilated cardiomyopathy – Is It Nutritionally Related?

The FDA released a list of foods yesterday that they have associated with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. Their list, their statements and reports leave a lot more questions than answers.  First and foremost how large was this study?  Is there enough conclusive...

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A Dog’s Coat – Upkeep & Expense

There are so many cute puppies to choose from! Before you fall for the sweetest face take a moment and consider what you are committing to. Yes, you know you will need food, toys, a crate, puppy shots and checkups. The first year is always the most expensive. But what...

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Eight Questions We Ask Before Carrying a Brand of Food

If you think the number of brands of dog and cat food you see in the store is overwhelming, you should see what we as retailers experience when we attend industry trade shows with companies from all over the world, shoving brochures in our hands. So how do we narrow...

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Kosher Certified Dog & Cat Foods For Passover

Friday, March 30th begins the observation of Passover, an 8-day Spring celebration of the freedom of the Jewish people from slavery in Egypt. Through certain rituals, modern day Jews can relive and experience the true freedom their ancestors gained. From the evening...

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Let’s talk Raw Bones

You’ve probably given your dog smoked or steamed bones to chew on. They’re a great choice for avid chewers – they don’t break easily and they keep the dog busy. But have you ever given your dog a raw bone? With the meat on, uncooked, and frozen? Raw bones are actually...

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The Walmart Lesson

The editor of the Ozaukee Press certainly nailed it with this editorial. If you like a particular business, you need to support it whole-heartedly. Wouldn’t you rather have your money support the people you know, rather than add to a millionaire’s portfolio? Mark...

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Don’t Let Fear Stand in Your Pet’s Way

By Mark Haslam, Owner People have a tendency to fear what they do not understand. Many pets have never had a change in diet because the old myth of ‘you should never change your pet’s food’. “Why shouldn’t you switch it up?” is my question of the day. It’s just plain...

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Why Swim Your Dog?

Exercise is very important to the health of every dog. Unfortunately, in our climate there are many days of the year that are too cold, icy or hot to take long walks with a dog. The average puppy and adult dog really should have an opportunity for some running time;...

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Are There Alternatives to Prescription Diets?

At The Feed Bag, we are continuously striving to learn more, so that we can give you the best possible advice for keeping your pet healthy and happy. After recently attending a nutritional summit with lectures given by Holistic Veterinarians, we have summarized the...

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