Kitten or Cat

Kitten or Cat – Which is right for you?

There is no doubt that young kittens are adorable, but is a young kitten or an adult cat a better choice for your family? Here are some things to consider in that decision.

Easter Kittens

“Kitten Family”

  • Must have plenty of time
    • Kittens need attention & socialization
  • Must have higher pet budget
    • Along with adoption fees, kittens need to be dewormed, vaccinated, and licensed
  • Be ready for any type of personality
  • Cats don’t really come out with a true personality till they hit adulthood. How they’re treated in kittenhood affects their personality.
  • Can adjust better to all kinds of households
    • Just like children, they’re a little more elastic


“Cat Family”

  • Must understand it may or may not get along with any pre-existing animals
    • Some adult cats are less social, and harder to socialize with any pre-existing pets and/or kids
  • You already know it’s personality
    • You can pick a cat based on the kind of personality you want to have in your home
  • Typically calmer
    • Much less energy than a kitten
  • If it’s been with a foster family, they can tell you about any habits it has
    • Whether it scratches furniture, likes to go outside, what it likes to eat…
  • Adoption fees are less expensive – sometimes free!
    • Most shelters along with the Humane Society have cheaper adoption fees for adult and senior cats
  • You are providing a home to a cat that may not have found a home otherwise