Puppy Basics


The first day your puppy comes home, its needs are pretty simple: Food, water, exercise and sleep. Many puppies will have loose or soft stools the first few days they are home. It is stressful for them to leave their previous environment. Everything and everyone looks and smells and sounds different, even your tap water is different from what the pup is used to.

You’ll probably want to get your new baby in for a vet check within the first week to make sure the pup is getting a good start and to check for any pre-existing conditions. Definitely see a vet immediately if the pup won’t eat or drink, or seems lethargic.

The first thing your pup needs is a crate, not only for the safety of your belongings, but for the puppy’s own safety as well. Your pup might whine and cry a bit, but that will eventually end. Try not to open the crate if the puppy is crying (except for the middle of the night potty). If you open the door because of whining, the puppy will never stop and settle down.

Look for a good nutritious puppy food. You may have been sent home with a small bag of the food it is used to, but you may want to check that the food is geared for healthy nutrition. You should use that food to transition to a better food if need be. A quick hint about pet food quality; if the food can be found at a grocery store or department store, it is there for convenience, not because of its nutritional value. Please see How We Choose The Foods We Carry. We will gladly help you find the product that meets your and your new baby’s needs. Fresh water should be available to your pup at all times.

A tired puppy is a well-behaved puppy. In between naps there should be lots of playtime, runs around the yard on a long leash, and safe toys and treats to chew on. Usually when we see a puppy that is excessively ‘bitey’ towards hands or clothes, the puppy either has too much pent up energy or has nothing interesting enough to hold its attention to play with or chew on.

Please stop in anytime for advice. That’s what we’re here for!