Raw Food 101

A raw natural diet the perfect food for any dog or cat? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, it is considered by most holistic veterinarians the perfect food. Since nature created what we now know as dogs and cats they have been hunting their own fresh meat or stealing it from another hunter.

Raw meat contains lots of protein, hydration, enzymes, calcium and beneficial bacteria. Chewing on raw bones not only assists greatly in cleaning teeth, but also in relieving boredom or stress. The strength it takes to hold down a raw bone and rip the shreds of meat off also contributes to an upper-body workout, which in turn creates a healthier, happier and well-behaved puppy. If you have ever wondered why puppies chew everything in sight, it is because they are instinctively searching for that raw bone to chew, and frustrating everybody when they wreck their toys (and your stuff!)

Raw chicken necks are great for smaller dogs and cats. As they crunch the bones they are doing nature’s job of cleaning the molars. Keep in mind that every time you choose a different shape of bone you are allowing your pet to clean different areas of the teeth.

Raw natural diets come in many forms. You can purchase raw meat anywhere, but you need to make sure you rotate proteins, and you really should add small amounts of ground up veggies and fruit, plus supplements to round out the diet.

We have 10 freezers full of commercial raw diets where everything is ground up for you and shaped into patties or nuggets. Just thaw and serve. Also available are freeze-dried diets that are complete when you add your own fresh meat and water to rehydrate. The benefits of a raw diet include a healthier pet from nose to tail, cleaner teeth and smaller stools.

Which animals should not eat a raw diet? Any dog or cat that is on chemotherapy or for whatever reason has an immune system that is compromised in some way. Raw diets naturally contain some beneficial bacteria that a healthy pet easily thrives on. That same bacteria could be a problem for a pet with little or no immunities.


Frozen Raw Natural Pet Treats

Did you know raw natural pet treats can double as supplements?


Treat Bonus Function
Green Cow Tripe Kidney & Liver, Probiotic
Goat Milk Digestion, Probiotic
Duck & Turkey Necks Dental, Glucosamine
Beef Bones Dental
BIson Bones Dental
Fish Stock Probiotics, Enzymes
Bone Broth Immune System & Liver
Frozen Yogurt Digestion, Probiotics
Lamb Bones Dental