Fitness Pool

Hydrotherapy has become an increasingly vet-recommended service for many different types of dogs. No longer just for those dogs who are recovering from injury or surgery, swimming sessions have also been proven to greatly improve a dog’s weight reduction plan, or just increase strength and mobility in the arthritic or older dog.

Hydrotherapy is also fantastic for those dogs who work or play competitively, like service dogs, hunting dogs & agility dogs. The warm water combined with a gentle, no-impact workout can greatly ease and invigorate sore muscles.

The young dog with lots of energy to burn is also an ideal match for a warm, indoor pool when inclement weather means less playtime. A minute swim time burns roughly the same amount of energy as a mile run. After a 20 minute swim, who could be naughty or noisy after that kind of workout?

Although The Feed Bag Fitness pool offers a no-impact workout in sanitary conditions that are always supervised, we do advise you to check with your veterinarian if you have any question that swimming is right for your dog. We welcome your veterinarian’s call with any questions or concerns. We cannot offer you medical advice, we can only provide a safe atmosphere for your dog’s exercise and enjoyment.

How It Works

Appointments are definitely required. Please don’t get your dog excited to go swimming without an appointment.

We have calming techniques to ease any fears your dog (or you) have regarding the water. We do realize that not all dogs have experience swimming, and we will coach your dog accordingly.

We supply a quick shower for your dog both before and after the swim, as well as damp-drying with a towel. You may want to consider using our Do-It-Yourself Dog Wash after a swim for a complete bath & dry. During very cold weather, we will make our Self-Bathing dryers available to you at no charge.

While swimming, your dog will be wearing a life preserver provided by us. Some dogs may graduate to the privilege of skinny dipping. Your dog will always be under staff supervision In our pool. Current Wisconsin law requires that only Feed Bag Staff members are allowed in the pool with your dog, but you are encouraged to watch and enjoy (and stay dry).

Our pool is 14 feet wide and 26 feet long with a depth of 4 feet. We have a ramp that is large enough for both a dog and person to comfortably walk in side-by-side. The water is keep at a refreshing 77-82 degrees. Lower levels of chlorine are utilized to maintain water quality, ensuring the safety of the dogs.

The cost is $35 per 15 minute session or $45 per 30 minute session. The session will alternate active swimming with rest or break periods.

We also have Swim packages;

  • Purchase a (5) -15 Minute Swim Package for $155
  • Purchase a (5) – 30 Minute Swim Package for $195
  • Purchase a (10) – 30 Minute Swim Package for $375 and get a 11th swim free

Please Note: The above swim packages all expire 1 year from purchase date.

Bring a second dog from the same household for only $10.  Only one dog allowed in the 15 minute swim session due to the short nature of the session.

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**Prices subject to change without notice.