Our reptile selection is growing! Currently we carry ZooMed, Zilla and ExoTerra glass terrariums in many different sizes. We also carry heat lamps and bulbs to keep your herp warm! Lighting, Bedding, Supplements, Vitamins, Cages, Terrariums and Reptile Foods can all be found here.

Live Reptiles

From time to time we bring in some live reptiles. While our live reptiles are changing all the time we have been known to have fancy type Crested Geckos, standard and morphed Leopard Geckos, different types of tree frogs and a few oddballs in between! We do like to keep Axolotls in stock at all times. These animals are low maintenance, great for anyone and all around a fun species to keep. To check on our current inventory of live reptiles we recommend giving us a call first as our stock is limited and ever changing.

Special Orders

We can special order some types of live reptiles. Depending on the animal and the time of the year we do have access to other types of lizards, geckos, frogs and feeder items. Special ordering of reptiles is case by case but can be an option if you are searching for something and just cannot find it.

We do not carry live feeder mice or live feeder rats. We do however have frozen feeder mice and rats in all sizes.

Special Note

We do not have Turtles or Bearded Dragons for sale; as these types of reptiles are often not properly cared for nor do most people realize the size of these reptiles and their long life-span thus these reptiles are abandoned and left to die….Bearded Dragons and Turtles once in captivity for a period of time cannot be released out into the wild as they will not survive.

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