Is The Feed Bag Pet Supply a Chain Store?

No, we are not a chain. We are an independently owned and operated business. The owner’s name is Mark Haslam, and he lives in the town of Jackson. Currently, our only location is Mequon, WI.

Do you match other store’s prices?

We do not match prices or play price wars with other stores. We price our products as competitively as we can, while maintaining a clean bright store with exceptional staff. Just as other stores do, we offer sales and specials whenever we can. Many of the foods that we carry offer a frequent buyer program, and we also have the Feed Bag Rewards Program.

Why don’t you sell small animals and other pets?

We have a very firm belief that animals should not be an impulse purchase. Every family should take their time to decide which type of pet suits their lifestyle. When you get a pet, you are making the commitment to care for that animal for its lifetime. Too many animals are dumped in shelters because they were bought for the cute face, but not bought for a lifetime.

Why don’t you stock some of the biggest and most common brands of pet food?

Unfortunately, being the biggest does not mean being the best. When we look at the ingredient panel on some of those ‘Big’ companies, we see ingredients that we would not feed our own pets. If we won’t feed it to our pets, we certainly won’t feed it to yours. We definitely see the benefits of working with smaller, independent manufacturers who care more about quality than quantity.

Can I return a food if my pet doesn’t like it?

We stand behind everything we sell. If you are starting on a new food, please ask for a sample for your pet to try, we usually have them. In addition, try a small bag for your first bag. We can exchange it if it doesn’t work out, but we hate to waste huge bags of food. If you are ever in doubt as to what food you should try, just ask any of our associates for guidance – that’s what we are here for.

My pet is on a prescription diet. Can you get that food for me?

We do not have access to the prescription diets sold by many veterinarians. Because we specialize in health thru better nutrition, we may have in stock a food that will work just as well for your pet, at a much lower price than a prescription diet. Bring your bag of food in for us to look at so we can make the proper recommendation.